Your Health is Your Wealth or La Vostra Salute è il Vostro Possesso più Stimato

So, this week I had intended to write a blog post about the Amazonia exhibition I went to a few weeks back, however, I have instead been cooped up with the flu and feeling sorry for myself. Thankfully, it is not Covid-19, which I checked with numerous tests much to my bank account’s dismay.

However, I have had to stumble my way through speaking about what was wrong with me to numerous people, and REALLY, I should have done my homework long ago on how to talk about your health and well-being in Italian. But better late than never.

Here is a short list of phrases you may find useful should you ever need to talk to someone about your health.

General phrases:

Come ti senti/Come si senta? – How are you feeling (informal/formal)

Sto bene – I am well

Non sto bene/Non mi sento bene – I am not well/not feeling well

Quali sono i suoi sintomi?/Chiedigli quali sono i sintomi?/che sintomi ha? – What are your symptoms?

I miei sintomi sono… – My symptoms are…

Deve riposare per qualche giorno/per due settimane – You must rest for several days/for two weeks

Descrivere i sintomi di il farmacista/ il dottore/il medico – Describe your symptoms to the pharmacist/doctor/doctor

Di quale trattamento avró bisogno? – What treatment will I need?

Prenda paracetamolo o ibuprofene – Take paracetamol and ibuprofen

Ho mal di testa – I have a headache

Ho mal di gola – I have a sore throat

Ho un naso che cola – I have a runny nose

Controlla se il mal di gola è accompagnato da rinorrea – Notice if the sore throat is accompanied by a runny nose

Ho la diarrhea – I have diarrhoea

Sto cominiciando ad avere un po’ di nausea – I am beginning to feel a bit nauseous

Ho un infezione del tratto urinario – I have a UTI

Ho un’infezione pulmonare – I have a chest infection

Ho un’infezione respiratoria – I have a respiratory infection

Ho un’infezione agli occhi – I have an eye infection

Ho un’infezione dell’orecchio/un’otite – I have an ear infection

Mi sento un po’ la nausea – I feel a little nauseous

Il dolore di stomaco – The stomach pain

Posso comprare paracetamolo/i testi Covid-19/antigenico qui? – Can I buy paracetamol/Covid-19/antigen tests here?

Body parts:

La testa – head

Il petto/Il torace – chest

Il collo – neck

Le spalle – shoulders : La spalla – shoulder

Le bracci – arms : Il braccio – arm

Le mani – hands : La mano – hand

Il dito – a finger: Le dita – fingers

Il stomaco – stomach

L’utero/Il grembo – womb

Le orecchie – the ears : Il orecchio – ear

Il naso – nose

Il viso – face

Gli occhi – eyes : L’occhio – eye

La bocca – mouth

I piedi – feet : il piede – foot

Le gambe – legs : La gamba – leg

Things you might want to ask:

Quanto verrà a costare? – How much will this cost?

Ora dove vado? – Where do I go now?

Vorrei fissare un appuntamento. – I would like to make an appointment

Posso ricevere la ricevuta via e-mail? – May I receive the receipt by email?

Tra quanto potrò tornare al lavoro? – How long until I can return to work?

Il virus è contagioso? – The virus is contagious?

I hope this short list of phrases serves you well as you fight off any illnesses that may occur on Italian soil.

I am currently just thanking my lucky stars that I am not Covid-19 positive and do NOT have to be that b*t*h who infected her whole class lol that would be so awfully embarrassing, let alone terrifying. Instead, I am sipping a tonne of hot honey and lemon tea (thé al limone e miele) and trying to catch up on the Italian lessons I have missed.

Alla prossima,

Ciara O’Síoráin (chi desidera diventare una bella donna figa come gli italiani)


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