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Ciara O’Siorain was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. 

During her secondary school education, Ciara fell in love with the Ancient Roman world while studying Classical Studies for the Leaving Certificate. She followed her passion while in university, studying both Classical Civilisations and English Literature in a Two-Subject Moderatorship Degree. 

She was educated at Trinity College Dublin, completing her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Classical Civilisations in 2020. She received a European Excellence Award Scholarship for her academic and civic achievements which part-funded her graduate studies. 

She represented Trinity College Dublin in the years 2020-2021 as a Trinity Sport Role Model as a pole artist and pole dancer. 

She is a writer for the Museum of Childhood Ireland with a Masters in Philosophy in Children’s Literature. She is the founder and executive editor of ‘Childlike’: A Journal of Childhood*, a journal exploring all concepts of childhood and adulthood in modern society through art, creative writing and academic research. 

She has presented her research at the UBC Biennial Graduate Student Children’s Literature Conference of 2021, ‘Fresh From the Fight: Heroes, Tricksters & Villains in Children’s and Young Adult Literature and Culture’. She also presented her research at The University of Strathclyde’s School of Education’s Biennial Contemporary Childhood Conference, ‘Borders and Boundaries’ in September 2021. 

Fascinated by the beauty and mystique of the Ancient Roman world I was learning about throughout school, I travelled to Rome three times within the space of a year from the very first visit on a school trip in 2015. To me, there is no place on Earth more beautiful than Rome so, when the opportunity arose to move there for a year, I had to jump for it. 

It may come as no surprise to anyone that we have been in a pandemic, one that has moved a lot of commerce and business online while we all remain in COVID-19 lockdown in our homes. For many, this has been a terrific challenge, however, there are some benefits – like working from home or remote work. 

As a budding writer, this new workspace has granted me the opportunity to live in my dream city while working remotely part-time in my regular writing gig. It meant that I could move to Rome and learn Italian (and maybe, later, Latin), a dream I have had since I first set my eyes on Rome. 

With such a fantastic opportunity before me, I felt it would be a good idea to document my adventures in Rome as an Irish girl abroad; to discuss the differences between Irish and Italian culture; to discuss Italian food and divulge the best recipes I find; to share my best language learning tips and phrases as I am learning Italian in real-time; to talk about life, love and the lessons I learn in my new home-from-home (you can read about this in more depth in Blogpost One). 

* If you’re interested in ‘Childlike’: A Journal of Childhood and the work of the journal, I will leave below the links to our social media pages and where the latest editions of the journal can be found! 

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