The Price of Politeness

Hello and benvenuti to yet another instalment of Roman Hot Tea. This Tesoro Irlandese post is my Carrie Bradshaw moment. Please, gentlepeople, take your seats. Today, I wish to out myself as not the table-flipping badass I thought I always would be in the face of a total and utter stronzo. I also want to explore some pensieri on social behaviour and the strange place those of us single in our twenties’ find ourselves.

Amare e Essere Amati or To Love and To Be Loved

In this Tesoro Irlandese post, I explore the topic of Love. Admittedly late to post due to the hectic nature of my own love life, I drop my favourite love lessons and spill some Hot T while I’m at it…

‘diventare uno con me stessa’

In this Tesoro Irlandese blogpost, I own up to having kept much of my personal experiences here in Rome a secret. The results of my Instagram poll on audience interest was unanimous: spill the T. I vow to show you the true Rome, as I live it, as I see it. You can find this content on the Crybaby O’Clock section.

2021: Wrapped Up

In this Tesoro Irlandese blogpost, I discuss my highlights from Rome 2021 and discuss what I hope to see for myself in 2022. I also discuss what a journey this site has been and how grateful I am for all those who check in 400+ times from 16 countries! It has been an honour. See you in 2022!

Julie d’Aubigny: How to Do Whatever the Hell You Want & Do it Well

In this Tesoro Irlandese Crybaby O’Clock blogpost, I discuss the wild and fascinating figure of Julie d’Aubigny and how her story stands apart from the usual narrative of ‘One Track Mind Doggedness’ in achieving greatness. She is an absolute legend.