Summer-Time and the Living is Easy…ish

Oh, how I’ve missed you! In this Tesoro Irlandese post, let me catch you up on one of the most whirlwind months I have had in Rome (where the summer keeps getting hotter…) and share some of my exciting news for the following year!

Broke in Rome

In this Tesoro Irlandese blogpost, I explore what fun things there are to do in Rome when one is feeling particularly lazy and definitely broke. From street-art tours to religious pilgrimage, this post has it all.

Stavo Cazzeggiando!

In this Tesoro Irlandese post, I catch you up on the last few crazy weeks in Rome. All the sites, the nights, the drama and the notions. It’s fairly long so dip in and out as you please.

Alla prossima!

Your Health is Your Wealth or La Vostra Salute è il Vostro Possesso più Stimato

In this Tesoro Irlandese blogpost, I discuss the phrases and words you will need to discuss your wellbeing with a professional when sick in Italy. I am currently recovering from a nasty flu (thankfully not Covid) and wanted to rectify the gap in my Italian language knowledge regarding my health and wellbeing… So, here you go!

Birthday Weekend

It was my birthday (Il mio compleanno) this weekend and, oh my dear god, was I kept busy! I am still feeling entirely whacked from the whole event, but in that really pleasant snoozy way you get after you eat too much good food and have done many pleasant things, you know what I mean,Continue reading “Birthday Weekend”

From the Vault: How to Fly the Nest or Come Far Volare il Nido

In this Tesoro Irlandese blogpost, I discuss how to emotionally prepare yourself for flying the nest and moving away from home. I talk about how to move abroad and learn to be with yourself, how to make the most out of your time away, as well as what to bring with you in order to bring your ‘home’ wherever you go.

From the Vault: Come Fare Spazio Nella Tua Vita or How to Make Space in Your Life

In this blogpost from the Blogger vault, I discuss how to pack up all your things and move away from home.

Come Spendere Tutti i Tuoi Soldi or How to Spend All Your Money

In this Tesoro Irlandese blogpost, I discuss how to budget for moving away from home to Rome. I reveal my best tips for categorising and keeping tabs of your likely spends. I also reveal how I embarrassingly lack self control when it comes to spending money on delicious food… Oops!

“Il Dolce Fare Niente” or The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

In this Tesoro Irlandese blogpost, I discuss the concept of ‘il dolce fare niente’ from the hit movie, Eat, Pray, Love. I look at how true to life it is to the Italian way of life and whether I can truly adapt my crazy brain to be on Roman time.