2021: Wrapped Up

In this Tesoro Irlandese blogpost, I discuss my highlights from Rome 2021 and discuss what I hope to see for myself in 2022. I also discuss what a journey this site has been and how grateful I am for all those who check in 400+ times from 16 countries! It has been an honour. See you in 2022!

Sebastião Salgado’s ‘Amazônia’ Exhibition

In this Tesoro Irlandese blogpost, I discuss my recent-ish visit to the MAXXI museum to see the incomparable ‘Amazônia’ photo series by Sebastião Salgado.

Your Health is Your Wealth or La Vostra Salute è il Vostro Possesso più Stimato

In this Tesoro Irlandese blogpost, I discuss the phrases and words you will need to discuss your wellbeing with a professional when sick in Italy. I am currently recovering from a nasty flu (thankfully not Covid) and wanted to rectify the gap in my Italian language knowledge regarding my health and wellbeing… So, here you go!

Julie d’Aubigny: How to Do Whatever the Hell You Want & Do it Well

In this Tesoro Irlandese Crybaby O’Clock blogpost, I discuss the wild and fascinating figure of Julie d’Aubigny and how her story stands apart from the usual narrative of ‘One Track Mind Doggedness’ in achieving greatness. She is an absolute legend.

Galleria Borghese & Damien Hirst

In this Tesoro Irlandese blogpost, I discuss the history of the Borghese Gallery and Borghese Gardens, as well as the artist Damien Hirst, whose work can be seen on exhibition here. The exhibit is called Archaeology Now and features many of Hirst’s works from previous collections.

Birthday Weekend

It was my birthday (Il mio compleanno) this weekend and, oh my dear god, was I kept busy! I am still feeling entirely whacked from the whole event, but in that really pleasant snoozy way you get after you eat too much good food and have done many pleasant things, you know what I mean,Continue reading “Birthday Weekend”

From the Vault: Come Fare Spazio Nella Tua Vita or How to Make Space in Your Life

In this blogpost from the Blogger vault, I discuss how to pack up all your things and move away from home.

Mary’s Coffee and Chocolate Cake

In this Tesoro Irlandese post, I divulge the delicious coffee & chocolate cake that I have become obsessed with since rediscovering it from a childhood cookbook of mine. Gifted to me kindly by my childhood best friend, it not only tastes like chocolatey heaven, but also like many years of incredible friendship.

A post dedicated to my second family who I still love so much.

Va Fa Napoli! or Go To Tuscan Hell! … AKA Naples

One might remember this iconic phrase from the even more iconic Joey Tribbiani of the hit TV-show, Friends. In this episode, Chandler and Joey (the best of friends) fall out over a girl they both like. Every time Joey encounters Chandler, he tells him ‘Vafanapoli!’ But what does he even mean? Well, like the Reddit users arguing inContinue reading “Va Fa Napoli! or Go To Tuscan Hell! … AKA Naples”