Va Fa Napoli! or Go To Tuscan Hell! … AKA Naples

One might remember this iconic phrase from the even more iconic Joey Tribbiani of the hit TV-show, Friends. In this episode, Chandler and Joey (the best of friends) fall out over a girl they both like. Every time Joey encounters Chandler, he tells him ‘Vafanapoli!’ But what does he even mean? Well, like the Reddit users arguing inContinue reading “Va Fa Napoli! or Go To Tuscan Hell! … AKA Naples”

Brundisium, Ostia, Herculaneum, and Torre Annunziata: What Pompeii Didn’t Tell You

In this Tesoro Irlandese post, I discuss the ancient sites of Brundisium, Ostia, Herculaneum and Torre Annunziata.