Summer-Time and the Living is Easy…ish

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Hello again! As per usual, I have been swept away in the last month with the usual Roman craziness. I have been finishing up my scuola di lingua course, working, finishing my TEFL course, adventuring, hosting wonderful friends, saying goodbye to some and making new ones. I really do not know where il tempo goes anymore. However, I am back to fill you in on my mese and share some exciting news.

Despite the title, this month has been probably the most hectic month I’ve had so far in Rome. Knowing I want to vivere qui for maybe another year or two more, I have been on the endless, mind-numbing job search since May. I have been working over the last two weeks, training into two different lavori and having an absolute ball meeting so many new people. I am one of the lucky ones in so far as I have secured a position beginning this settembre 2022. So expect more irregular TI content for the foreseeable! As it has been so iconically said before… I’M NOT LEAVING!

(Here is a little snippet of adventure to inspire you to come to Rome.)

Adventuring around the Ancient Roman Aqueducts

So, la scorsa settimana, my best friend from home came to Rome for one whole settimana to visit me. It was the fastest and most fun week of my life. Having known each other for just over half of our lives now, it was so lovely to be in his company; in the company of someone who puts you at ease with a laugh.

As we would usually do, even in Dublin, we spent the week adventuring and trying cose nuove. First, I toured him around all of the Ancient Roman sites, producing a solid 45-minuti monologue about the Roman Imperial Period that would challenge Love Island in its spicy drama (God bless that poor man’s ears lol)…

We met some new amici, adventured out to watch the tramonte at a beach festa, ate a whole lot of supplì and Italian pastries at all hours of the day and notte, and celebrated a birthday on Gianicolo Hill…

I was delighted to have another surprisa: una delle mie amiche from Switzerland came to visit me for the weekend at the very last minute. We went out and relived our glory days from when we both lived in Rome. It was so lovely to have two cari staying and hanging out together. On the Friday night, we headed out to a tatuaggio and art event out in Tevere Art Gallery. There are always the most fantastic events on here and I love the atmosphere every time. Cool people, cheap drinks, ground-breaking art exhibitions: they’re always top-tier. At the event, there was the opportunity to get flash tattoos from some of the exhibited artists… Well… of course we had to take the opportunity and get matching tattoos…

The last few days have went by in a blur. I was training into my new job, finally returning to my school for the final month of my language course and perhaps falling a little too quickly head over heels… but more on that on my next post… 😉

I hope you’ve all been enjoying your summer and taking care of yourself during this heatwave. I love hearing your feedback on my posts and hearing you share your stories with me on my social feeds and DMs!

To another year of Roman nonsense artistry…

Alla prossima,

Ciara Aoife O’Síoráin (che desidera diventare una bella-donna come le italiane)


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